My heart goes out to men that embrace men and women who embrace women because they  do not know how confused they are. This world accepts same sex marriage because the world is in confusion. The world is on a destructive course and it will continue in that direction. The government passes laws that are contrary to Gods moral commands. God said he would make man in his image. God is holy and cannot accept any kind of immorality and all sexual acts are contrary to Gods nature. Same sex marriage is a law of this world and is not from God who created us. What would be the point to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Gods judgement is upon all immoral sex acts outside of marriage between a man and a women. Same sex marriage is under Gods judgement and God says its  unnatural and so God has handed these people over to it because of the lust and passion for each other that is burning in their hearts. So now these people are blinded to what is right or wrong and not knowing the difference. So now people protest in the streets with rainbow flags. The rainbow means that God will never destroy the earth again by flooding it.God had to destroy the earth one time before because of such evil that existed. Later God also destroyed a place right here on earth over 2000 years ago called Sodom and  Gomorrah because of peoples evil same sex  acts. Same sex marriage and setting up house doesn’t make it better than Sodom and Gomorrah because Gods judgement is still on these type of wrongs. Now God says the heart is evil and out of it comes  all these wrongs that is contrary to who our God is and God is holy. But there is a way out . Believe on the name of Gods son. For God so loved the world that God gave his only son and who ever believes God will not destroy. What name do you need to believe on. A child is born a son is given to us and his name is MIGHTY GOD, EVERLASTING FATHER, WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE PRINCE OF PEACE. God will send you his spirit to change your heart. Believe with confidence what God has done for all humanity. His name has the power to deliver us from death to life and to wake us up to our living God. Out of confusion to peace and harmony with our savior THE PRINCE OF PEACE.Placeholder Image


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